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What is CoLab? At its heart, CoLab is a student led, faculty mentored production project. 

CoLab 3.0 is the result of a semester-long project and a return to our Theatre. The work is written, directed, acted, designed, and produced collaboratively by Hunter College students mentored by faculty. These twelve short plays, presented over two evenings, were written in response to the "Opening Up” of our community. They were born from the hearts and minds of our students re-entering the world of in-person theatre after our lives were altered by the pandemic. Many participants are just discovering their work in theatre, while others have been pursuing it as a major. We are proud to present our work to a live audience, both in person and streaming online. Thank you for participating in CoLab 3.0 with us!



Free with ID

General Admission


PLEASE NOTE: All audience members will need to be fully vaccinated and masked during the performance. In order to enter they will need to register with Cleared4, upload their cards, and present their Cleared4 GreenPass along with a photo ID for entry. CLICK HERE to register with Cleared4.


*Free student tickets must be picked up at the Kaye Playhouse Box Office in person. The box office is open Wednesdays - Fridays, 12pm - 6pm and is located on East 68th Street between Park & Lexington Avenues.

Please be advised that Night A’s performance will contain depictions of death and use of strong language. 


Please be advised that Night B’s performance will contain explicit mentions of suicide and use of strong language. 


Reach out to with any questions or concerns.



Learn More About The Plays


Night A

It's Been a While, Monke

Written by Radhika Kahar
Directed by My Le

Written by Diana Ly
Directed by My Le

Written by Sahar Babi
Directed by Ada Stathopoulos
No More Drama

Written by Phillip Christian Smith
Directed by Ada Stathopoulos
Fuck Covid

Written by Sahar Babi
Directed by Jennie Reich Litzky
Staff Meal

Written by Chad Kaydo
Directed by Jennie Reich Litzky

Night B


Written by Georgina Woo
Directed by Luis Feliciano 
What's Up, Donk?

Written by Sandro Quijano
Directed by Jimmy Fay 
Leprechauns! (A Saint Patrick's Day Play)

Written by Padraig Bond
Directed by Luis Feliciano
Two Truths and a Lie

Written by Zoe Fernanda Wilson
Directed by Lucia Bellini
Three (but it could be more...)

Written by Luis Feliciano
Directed by Jimmy Fay 
Maybe in a Dream

Written by Monika Orzelowski
Directed by Lucia Bellini